Bedding Plant Season

This post will span April and May. I won’t spend too much time detailing interesting pieces of stock… because frankly there’s too many. This is the time of year where we are at our most FULL. If you can think of something seasonal, there’s a strong chance we’ve got it. So come by any time from mid-April to find-

*Bedding plants/Basket Plants




*1/2 oak barrels/hardwood planters

New additions can be found in the Osteospermum range. We’ve grown lots of yellow cultivars this year including the new, stunning-


Blushing Beauty’

Of course May will see the usual influx of Begonia species, we have an excellent ‘La paz’ series in a couple of new colours, and will be planting more of the ‘Lemon’ Illumination series in baskets-

begonia peaches Begonia Illumination Lemon.

A few notices-

Basket orders will only be accepted at our Bengeo site this year. It is where they are grown, and will reduce any problems in transport/logistics. Rest assured the process and quality will remain as good as always.

Delivery is unavailable until at least mid-June, when the season begins to slow. So if you need large stock transporting, then after June is your best time.

Large trees/shrubs will be the ticket for later season. I will be importing a large amount from Italy at this time, so if there’s something you’d like to see, let me know! I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, hope to see you! I really can’t wait for the season. Warmer weather (God willing), beautiful plants, and happy gardeners.

See you at the nursery!





The nursery is very much ignoring the ‘polar vortex.’ Weather be damned, once it’s March, we are in Spring-mode.

Edit: Having said that, in case of HEAVY snow, we’ll probably be at home hugging the radiators like everyone else. 

Stock has rolled in, including but not limited to-

  • Plug plants for spring planting (available until the end of the month).
  • 1ltr. Perennials
  • Hardy herbs
  • Ferns
  • Grasses
  • A HUGE range of shrubs

Some of my favourite pieces include-


Edgeworthia Chrysantha

Or- Honey bush. The fragrance is out of this world, and the structure of the shrub even in leaf is just lovely.

We’ve tried to get some more unusual, larger shrubs this year, and two of the most interesting are-


Euonymus alatus

The aptly named, ‘Burning bush’, and,


Eremophila Nivea

The ‘Emu bush’ which, if I’m honest I’m dubious about how hardy it claims to be, yet in the right spot, sheltered and warm, it would be reminiscent of a soft, delicate lavender, with much larger bell shaped flowers. One to watch out for.

That’s 3 distinct plants which I doubt you’d easily find elsewhere, and highlights a drive (this month particularly) to stock things which aren’t the usual, run-of-mill dutch imports.

One last plant to mention. I’ve wanted to stock this for years, yet the price has always stood in the way. When they arrived on the market, Paeonia ‘Itoh’ was selling at trade for roughly £90 (minimum!) for a single bare-root. Its credentials had me fascinated from the start. And interspecific cross between a ‘tree’ peony, and a herbaceous peony. Cut back each year, it boasts massive blooms, the structure and height of P. Arborescens, combined with the profusion and durability of P. suffruticosa. Well! They’re still not cheap, but we’ve finally got some.


Paeonia ‘Itoh’ Garden Treasure.

So there you have it. All these and many more are on offer in a nursery which is absolutely brimming with colour. Ignore the weather, come and have a look.

I can’t wait to show these plants off.




February, new stock.

Seasonal opening times:

Watton: Open as normal.

Bengeo: Opening 1st March.


As of right now, things get busy on the nursery. At the growing site we start planting young plants for spring, at Watton we begin to pot bare-root hedging, trees and roses.

The stock levels are fairly low until about mid-February, when some really interesting acers arrive, such as,


Acer Japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’

….Which boasts an astounding autumn variegation. Yet the most interesting part of the small tree, for me are the flowers. Yes! they’re showy enough to warrant a mention in their own right, giving an incredibly varied interest throughout the season.

We’re also stocking far more trees this year. Native species are beginning to rally in a big way, and I expect our oaks, maples, and birch varieties (among others) to be a very popular addition.

We’re growing 7 varieties of dicentra (Goldheart being my favourite still), and the young bare-root plants of D. ‘alba’ are already promising to be a real showstopper.


Roll on Spring…

There is so much more to mention. I would advise waiting until the end of the month, or even early March for the best selection. If, however, you need to pre-order anything in quantity, or else wonder if we have that specific, hard to find, or rare plant, do send me an e-mail or pop by. I’m always happy to help.


Christmas and the New Year

Seasonal opening times:

Watton: Open until 20th December. (Unless the trees run out before that…)

New Year: Opening 15th January.

Bengeo: Open until 15th December.

New Year: Opening 1st March.


Christmas trees are up and ready. Cut (non-drop) Nordmann Fir is £45 for a 6′ + tree. Other sizes and prices are available, and I always suggest coming to have a look at the weekend, not least because we usually have a BBQ up and running (you might even be lucky enough to be on time for a hot-dog and some mulled wine!)

The same goes for Bengeo nursery, particularly this Sunday 10th, I’ll be around the BBQ, helping with trees and generally being merry (depending on how much help I receive with the mulled wine, anyway).

The best fresh Christmas Wreathes are also on sale at £20.00 with a tree, and these are truly lovely, made by the family, and a worthwhile festive addition to any house.


These come in a range of colours and designs.

I look forward to seeing you all, and if I do not, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂



Notice: Our winter opening hours are,

Weekdays and Saturdays- 9:00-16:00,

Sunday: 10:00 -16:00


A quiet month.

The last of the pansies and violas are still looking good, but be quick! as they tend to run out quite fast these few weeks.

November is a good time of year to plant nursery stock for a gap in a border, or else hedging plants. We have a good stock of large laurel, red robin, and yew.

We still have a good range of plants in 9cm pots, up to 3 litre size, and in fact, I think this November will be one of the best to see small evergreens, and interesting border plants on the nursery. One such example is a new heather (relatively speaking) which I think has foliage to rival any of it’s flowering counterparts, introducing:

calluna skyline

Calluna Skyline

The gold variety being a particular favourite.

If I don’t see you this month, then there’s always time in December. Already thinking ahead to holly, pine, and the smell of Christmas on the nursery.



We’re stocked again (mostly).

Pansies, Violas, and the first of the Autumn colour is starting to show through. Cyclamen have arrived, Chrysanthemum is budding, and plenty more besides.

Our 3 litre-pot size shrubs are all rooted and out for sale. A couple in particular are worth mentioning. We’ve grown 5 different Weigela this year, my favourite of which is …


Weigela Rubidor

We also have plenty of late season perennials. The star of that particular show right now is…


Salvia ‘Amistad’

Both varieties, alongside over a hundred more, all at roughly £6.00. Pretty good value!

Tubs and baskets are planted daily, so if your summer plants are beginning to fade, come along to either nursery any time until the end of October, and there’s going to be an excellent choice to see you through the winter.

I’ll likely not update until November now, so until then, I’ll see you ate the nursery.



July, looking ahead.


Watton Nursery open as usual.

Bengeo Nursery will be closed for the School Summer Holidays, re-opening September 1st.


This month, we are potting.

There are still a few odds and ends left from the Spring season. We’ll keep planting baskets and tubs (whilst stocks last), and although this time of year is very empty (as it should be!) we’ll always try to find something appropriate if there’s a gap in your border, or an empty hanging basket bracket.

But back to potting. There’s a few varieties this year which I’m excited about, firstly: Digiplexis.


Not the best picture… but you get the idea!

It’s a bi-generic hybrid of Digitalis and Isoplexis (I’m not sure which one, but I’m guessing Canariensis?) Regardless, it’s great. It’s vegetative, doesn’t go to seed, meaning flowers all summer long, hardier than isoplexis, uniform to type, and all round superstar. I’ll be potting a few, but more likely buying it in when I can from auction. Expect to see a lot of these in the coming years.

On the shrub side of things, I’ll be growing lots more Weigela this year. I wont bother including a picture, but suffice to say if you can google a leaf/flower combo, chances are we’ll be able to match it. There’ll be dwarf Buddleja (The series ‘buzz’ is excellent), and a range of new Hydrangeas.

hydrangea miss saori

Hydrangea ‘Miss Saori’

Including the above, which I’m sure must have won a fleuroselect or RHS medal at some point! One more before I stop… lot’s of ferns this year, including the wonderfully named ‘Arachnoides’



Arachnoides Simplicior Variegata

A very worthwhile alternative to most Athyrium varieties- especially considering that it’s evergreen.

Those are just a few of over a 100 varieties. We’ll be potting in a week or so, so expect to see a good number of young plants growing on site.

Realistically, it’s probably best to visit either nursery From early September onward, especially considering that Bengeo will be closed during August. It’s a quiet time of year, more preparation than anything else, so if you can wait, I would advise that you do.

Until then, enjoy your summer!