April 2022

EASTER: Closed Sunday 17th April

It’s bedding plant season, the nursery is at its very best this time of year. There’s no better time to visit!

As well as our usual huge range of bedding plants, here are some more highlights to expect this month:

Senetti Pericallis, C2, £5
Hydrangea, C3, £15
Dicentra, C2, £7.50
Alpines, C1, £3.50
Clematis, C2, £12
Hanging baskets, 12″- 16″, £9 – £25
Basket plants, p9, £1.20 each (tray £18)
Marguerites, C1, £2.50
Perennials, C2, £5
Trailing geraniums, p11, £2
Lavender anouk, C10, £20
Geraniums, C1, £2.50

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