June 2023

Now is the time of year to add colour to beds, borders, and tubs that might need refreshing. The bulk of the year’s planting should be completed now, and reflecting this, some of our lines will come to an end for the season. That said there is still plenty looking good, including:

Mixed ferns, Agapanthus, Lavender, Hosta

Alstromeria, Osteospermum, Hydrangea, Pelargonium

Blue eyed beauty, Heuchera (from end of month), Begonia

Bedding plant season May-June 2023

NOTICE: We are open every day, including bank holidays, from 9:30-17:00

Spring season is here! The nursery from now until (roughly) the end of June will be full of colour, fully stocked with our home-grown bedding plants, basket plants, baskets and seasonal planters. Among our usual extensive season selection you’l find the following:

Senetti, 2L, £5

Alpines, 1L, 3 for £10

Alstromeria, 12 varieties, 2L, £8.50

Hydrangeas from £12

Mandevillia, £21

2L perennials, £5

Seasonal planters from £15

Clematis, 5L, £15

Annual colour from £1.20

March 2023

Plug plants update: This month traditionally sees small, seasonal plug plants for sale; fuchsia, pelargonium etc. I’m pleased to say we’ll have these in stock from Friday 3rd, although due to the low night temperatures, stock will remain limited. Until it warms up we won’t be stocking begonia, surfinia, and some of the other more tender varieties.

In the meantime there is finally colour on the nursery! Right now we have plenty of:

Primula, £1.50 for 11cm

Edgeworthia Specimen, 15L, £80

Assorted acers, from £18 – £250

Fatsia Spider Web, from £15

Wisteria, from £25 – £150

Cyclamen, 11cm £3.50

Nandina assorted, from £25

Seasonal planter, from £18

Yucca colour guard

Lily of the Valley, £4

Mixed alpines, 3 for £10

Peony ‘Itoh’ from £25

Red robin, from £12 – £80

September/October 2022

Autumn has arrived with a splash of colour on the nursery. Until at least November you will find plenty of:

And many more. We also have:

  • Evergreen shrubs
  • Dwarf wallflowers
  • Primulas
  • A wide selection of perennials to plant for next spring
  • Bulbs (daffodils/tulips/crocus/hyacinth/allium etc.)
  • Ivy
  • Trees
  • Conifers
  • Hellebores
  • Pot Chrysanthemum
  • Buxus alternatives
  • Lavender

June 2022

This time of year is dedicated to summer colour. Our nursery will be filled with a generous seasonal range, however, throughout the month some lines will begin to sell out. Visit us sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment! Some highlights this month include:

Geraniums (pelargonium) 9cm – 5L
seasonal tubs