June 2022

This time of year is dedicated to summer colour. Our nursery will be filled with a generous seasonal range, however, throughout the month some lines will begin to sell out. Visit us sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment! Some highlights this month include:

Geraniums (pelargonium) 9cm – 5L
seasonal tubs

April 2022

EASTER: Closed Sunday 17th April

It’s bedding plant season, the nursery is at its very best this time of year. There’s no better time to visit!

As well as our usual huge range of bedding plants, here are some more highlights to expect this month:

Senetti Pericallis, C2, £5
Hydrangea, C3, £15
Dicentra, C2, £7.50
Alpines, C1, £3.50
Clematis, C2, £12
Hanging baskets, 12″- 16″, £9 – £25
Basket plants, p9, £1.20 each (tray £18)
Marguerites, C1, £2.50
Perennials, C2, £5
Trailing geraniums, p11, £2
Lavender anouk, C10, £20
Geraniums, C1, £2.50

March 2022

We’re now into Spring, this means our opening hours are 9:30- 17:00.

Spring means loads of fresh, beautiful colour! Some highlights this month include:

‘Itoh’ peonies, 5L, £20.00

Salvia Amistadt, various sizes
Alpine mix, 1L, £3.50, or 3 for £10.00
Wisteria specimen, 20L, £150.00
Aubretia, 2L, £5.00
Loropetalum, Black Dragon, 10L, £40.00

September & October 2021

Autumn season is here. Expect to find a wash of autumn colour, including:

And many more. We also have:

  • Evergreen shrubs
  • A wide selection of perennials to plant for next spring
  • Bulbs (daffodils/tulips/crocus/hyacinth/allium etc.)
  • Ivy
  • Trees
  • Conifers
  • And lots more! So come along this autumn, and hopefully we can make up for such a dreary summer!

August 2021

Perennials are the main interest on the nursery at the moment. We have a huge selection in 2L pots, all £5 each.

Have a look below for some highlights:

Echinacea hybrids


We also have a large range of 2L shrubs from £7.50, as well as the first of the autumn season bedding by the end of the month. Look out for pansies and violas very soon!

July 2021

NOTICE: Opening hours: 10:00 – 16:00

Typically the start of our ‘off’ season, there are nevertheless some real gems this time of year, notably in our perennial selection. Here are a few highlights this month:

Echinacea hybrids 2L, £7.50