Autumn Season


Monday-Saturday: 9:30 – 16:00, Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00

From now until the end of October, we’ll have a full range of pansy and viola colours, as well as (due to high demand!) a far greater volume of dwarf wallflowers.


Cheiranthus cheiri. Flowers from autumn until well into the following summer.

We’re also stocking a far greater number and variety of year round salvia. Two of my favourite are available now,


Salvia Microphylla ‘wild watermelon’



Salvia Greggii, wonderfully fragrant, surprisingly hardy.

These will be in stock most of the autumn alongside the usual range of calluna heather, goldcrest conifers, cyclamen, and much more. We now have a full stock of planted hanging baskets, and new this year, theme planted wooden barrel planters for only £15.

Let’s hope the autumn sun continues!

See you on the nursery,


Off season

The busy time for planting is over. Although the stock on the nursery is significantly less in the off season, we still have some excellent plants. Such as-

pel grand ivy pink

pelargonium (geraniums)

Which are excellent to fill in any summer gaps, and are still only 60p each. Further, we have an excellent selection of drought tolerant bedding begonia, 6 varieties of heuchera, and some beautiful-


Dahlia (available in various colours)

So- although the main thrust of the season is over, there is still plenty of interest.

On our growing site we are preparing to grow nursery stock shrubs, bulbs, and pansies- which will be ready for the next best time on the nursery- September/ October.




Bedding plant season

It’s that time of year when all is colourful. The nursery is no exception. We are, and will be fully stocked until at least July, with the best selection in May and early June.  Notable highlights are a fabulous crop of geranium-


pelargonium h. Zonals ‘violet

… which we stock in 10 different colours. Equally eye catching are our range of osteospermum, including my personal favourite,


osteospermum ‘blue eyed beauty’

These are only 2 of hundreds of different lines. So if you need seasonal colour of any sort; tubs, baskets (especially our range of illumination begonia), planters, shrubs, perennials and more, do come and see us!



Throughout this month we’ll be offering our biggest ever range of perennials. These are big, garden ready plants that will flower this year, including a huge range of Lupin…1007906.jpg

… aubretia,


And many, many more. We have a large stock of verbena bonariensis, some of the best salvia varieties, and one of my personal favourites,


A classic- dicentra spectabilis.

Of course, that’s the tip of the iceberg. Our full range of seasonal bedding and basket plants arrive every day from our growing site. We have a full stock of:

Roses, fruit, herbs, shrubs, specimen standards, acers, spring planters.

This is very much the season! Any time this month, and certainly next, the nursery is at its very best. So come along, and I’ll see you there!

Holiday opening times:

Bank holidays- 9:30 – 16:00

Easter day- closed



Early Spring

I know, we’re not there yet. Nevertheless there’s a lot to look forward to! Not least some beautiful new clematis specimens …


like this Clematis ‘Taiga’

Other notable additions include some truly distinctive acer varieties such as ‘Peve Ollie,’ and ‘Iniba Shidare’.


Some truly beautiful Edgeworthia are just about to flower on the nursery, so get here quickly for those!


The honey- fragrance is a great addition to a sensory garden. 

Primulas are coming into colour right now,  but most stock will arrive at the end of February, including hedging (lots of red robin), fruit trees, plug plants, and lots of seasonal colour for borders and baskets.

If only we can get over this cold snap!

See you on the nursery soon,


NOTICE re. Bengeo Nursery. 

Following the sale of Bengeo Nursery all stock throughout the year will be amalgamated at watton nursery.

Autumn Season

This year our range of autumn bedding is looking more colourful than ever.

Calluna Skyline and Viola.

Violas and pansies are just coming into flower and will be looking good throughout September and October. Supplementing the range will be a good assortment of heather, cyclamen, and various hardy, evergreen plants for structure and colour.

This is also a great time of year to plant interesting shrubs. We have grown over 300 varieties of hardy, flowering shrubs for small gardens, and here are some of my favourites for the season:

Weigela Rubidor, Nandina Lemon and Lime, and Acer Acontifolium.

Along these are an excellent, and extended range of carex grasses, heuchera, and several new varieties of hosta which should be looking great by mid spring.

As always, we have a good stock hedging and fruit, so make the most of these two months!

I look forward to seeing you, and here’s to a great upcoming season!



July and August


During very hot weather the nursery will not be open. This is due to unsafe temperatures under glass .


Quiet time of year at the nursery. There is never much choice until end of August, mostly end of season annuals such as red geraniums:


Otherwise, we begin potting 250 varieties of shrubs. These will be grown at watton this year, and although they will not be fully- ready until end August, it’s still worth having a look. Lines I’m particularly looking forward to include:



Heuchera paprika,

which is one of 10 varieties we will grow.

Plus the stunning:

Taiga web 4.jpg

Clematis ‘Taiga’

And that’s just the beginning. We start planting pansies and viola soon enough, ready for what should be a FAR more colourful autumn than the rather sun- browned summer we’re enjoying!

So until then, enjoy the heat!




There are lots of plants on the nursery, however this month some lines tend to run out. Impatiens have been more popular again this year, and due to the shoddy growing conditions in April, we’ll only have the ‘Golden Picotee’ trailing begonia.


Luckily it’s a good one!

Some other lines to look out for are our CL5 perennials, grown by none other than my parents, who started the nursery 30 years ago! The plants are predictably very, very good, and I’ll be pricing them generously throughout June. Look for Lupins, Foxgloves, and even some rarities such as …


Salvia ‘Amistadt’

As a general note- if you’re looking for summer bedding, or any seasonal fare, then come to the nursery sooner rather than later. As we come towards July, things really start to run out.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Bedding Plant Season

This post will span April and May. I won’t spend too much time detailing interesting pieces of stock… because frankly there’s too many. This is the time of year where we are at our most FULL. If you can think of something seasonal, there’s a strong chance we’ve got it. So come by any time from mid-April to find-

*Bedding plants/Basket Plants




*1/2 oak barrels/hardwood planters

New additions can be found in the Osteospermum range. We’ve grown lots of yellow cultivars this year including the new, stunning-


Blushing Beauty’

Of course May will see the usual influx of Begonia species, we have an excellent ‘La paz’ series in a couple of new colours, and will be planting more of the ‘Lemon’ Illumination series in baskets-

begonia peaches Begonia Illumination Lemon.

A few notices-

Basket orders will only be accepted at our Bengeo site this year. It is where they are grown, and will reduce any problems in transport/logistics. Rest assured the process and quality will remain as good as always.

Delivery is unavailable until at least mid-June, when the season begins to slow. So if you need large stock transporting, then after June is your best time.

Large trees/shrubs will be the ticket for later season. I will be importing a large amount from Italy at this time, so if there’s something you’d like to see, let me know! I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, hope to see you! I really can’t wait for the season. Warmer weather (God willing), beautiful plants, and happy gardeners.

See you at the nursery!