March 2021

The Nursery is open, and we have lots of fresh, beautiful plants this month. Here’s a selection of what’s looking good:

Hardy Spring planters £20
Fatsia Spider’s web: £15
Heuchera, 2L, £7.50
RARE! Hardy garden orchids, £15
Hardy, perennial wallflowers, £6
Nandina ‘Obsessed’ £25
Hellebore ‘Winter Angels’, £15
Hardy Bellis, 1L, £2.50
Armeria, Aquilegia, £3, or 3 for £7.50
Bay, £70, Taxus cones, £50, Iris Cruella, £10

… And this is just a small selection. We have plenty of Spring planters and baskets, as well as plug plants for sale throughout March. Towards the end of the month we’ll have a full range of 1L and 2L perennials, as well as the first of the violas and other spring bedding.

This year we’ll hold a much larger stock of compost, so hopefully there’ll be plenty throughout the season.

As a reminder, we’re in ‘Spring’ opening times, so we’ll be open 9:30-17:00 every day. See you on the Nursery!


  1. Hi
    Just wondering if you offer a delivery service. Members in my household are shielding and I am not visiting shops.
    Many thanks



    1. Sorry Pam, while we are allowed to open we can’t offer a delivery service – sorry we can’t be of more help, perhaps you can get a family friend to collect your plants if you’d like to order them via email?



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