Bedding Plant Season

For me, the most exciting time of the year has arrived. Who doesn’t love spring? It also marks the busiest few months of our calendar at the nursery, and so I probably won’t post again until late June.

The list of plants we grow and stock is too exhaustive to list here, but suffice to say that both Watton and Bengeo nursery are now restocking on an almost daily basis.

You’ll be pleased to know that the core prices are the same as ever. A bedding plant is still 30 pence (when taken as a multiple), and so on. I still don’t think you’ll find a better selection of Geraniums in a 1 litre pot anywhere in Hertfordshire. What’s more, I don’t think you’ll find them at a better price, a very reasonable £1.50


Or ‘Pelargonium’ more correctly, but let’s not be fussy.

I’ll be at Bengeo nursery this year, so feel free to pop by and say Hi- there’s a good chance you’ll meet one of my sons, busy ‘helping.’ I can’t wait to see the seasonal colour, and can only hope for a sunny few months of gardening!

See you all soon!






Autumn stock

But we’ve hardly had a Summer yet!

I know… but it’s worth knowing that we tend to stock early for the coming seasons, and this year is no exception.

Already the August cries of ‘Are you closing down?!’ have abated, as our stock of 3ltr shrubs, perennials and climbers are now potted and on display. I’m most excited about the perennials, which I expect will sell quickly. For the time we’re growing Hosta ‘Empress Wu’, one of the largest hostas in the world.


Growing up to 1.5m and spreading to 2m, it really would make a statement… providing you have the space.

We’re a little late to the party, but we’ll also have a few Salvia ‘Hot Lips’. I’m not convinced the flower lives up the hype, seems a bit lost amidst the foliage to me (but then I’m colour blind… which doesn’t help!)


Aside from the shrubs etc., we’re already selling the first violas and pansies. Our trailing range is proving ever popular, and the breeders of the ‘Cool wave’ range we stock, promise it’s as well branched and ‘florific’ (apparently) as ever. It’s one which works in a basket all alone, though due to it’s vigour, I really think that it differs from standard autumn basket pansies in that it’ll need a bit of extra feed. So don’t skimp on the quality of the compost! Our Levington M2 mulitpurpose is more expensive than most retail composts (it’s actually a professional range you wont get elsewhere) but it’s worth the money. I guarantee you’ll appreciate the difference.

We’ll have a full range from early September, until the end of October. So come on down, and please don’t wait too long, November shoppers will miss us at our best.

Not long now!

Despite some cooler weather, it’s been a busy May. So, although we’ll be fully stocked throughout June- some of our lines are running low, and some (like Gazania) have now run out entirely.


Bedding stock aside- Acers have been incredibly popular this year, and against recent trend, the green leaved species have been especially sought after. I’m ordering our root-balled stock soon, and will add some new varieties, and old favourites. I’m particularly looking forward to stocking once more A. Aconitifolium- and not just for it’s autumn colour- the flowers are one of the best of the entire genus.

Back to seasonal stock- get here quickly! Our best is still available, but it wont be here for long.

Two for the coming season-

It’s a busy time on the Nursery- we’re planting more than ever. There’s loads of new varieties to look forward to this year. Here’s a couple I’m looking forward to most-

Begonia ‘Glowing Embers’ – It’s being marketed as a ‘semi-mounding’ begonia, I suppose to tempt people to stick a few in their baskets- but really, this Begonia is best in the ground or in a tub. I think it works best multiply planted, without accompaniment. All alone it’s fantastic, the leaves are like dark coals behind the fire of the flower- truly a well named specimen. Not new exactly- but worth a mention all the same. May well be my favourite plant of last season.


Osteospermum ‘Serenity Blue-eyed Beauty’– This one I can’t wait for. New from Ball and Colegrave this year, winner of multiple awards. I love Osteo’s anyway (you might know them as rain daisies). And this one will surely be a great addition to a packed field.


There’s loads more, obviously. I’ll post a few as they come onto the nursery from our growing site. Right now here’s a few things to think about if you’re coming in-

*Plugs are in! If you like to grow your own, now’s the time to start. Even if it’s just on your windowsill, why not have a go?

*Perennials are in! Our 1ltr range of perennials are still £1.70. It’s a fantastic price. Year after year these are growing in popularity, and we’ll be stocking in excess of 100 varieties throughout the season.

*We’re hiring! It’ll be seasonal, only up until August, but there’s lots to do. If you’re okay with a bit of hard work, enjoy flexible, seasonal hours, and a bit of sunshine (hopefully) then pop by for a chat.

See you soon!