OPEN during Lockdown

Watton nursery is OPEN during lockdown.

CHRISTMAS TREE PRICES: (All Abies Nordmanniana, ‘grade A’ non-drop fir.)

6′ £45

7′ £60

8′ + TBC

Wreathes are £25, or £20 with a tree, all are 16”, hand made, and decorated on our nursery. Guaranteed to last, and in a variety of colours.

Gold wreath with glittered cones, cinnamon, and dried orange. Holly, yew, spruce, cypress.
Spruce in sizes from 4′ potted, to 14′ specimen
Last year on the nursery, a dreary day, but a fantastic selection of trees!

Below is a sample of our stock, which I’ll keep updated through the Autumn and Christmas season. Any questions, please email:

Hyacinth trio: £3.00
Cyclamen: £3.00
Callicarpa 3L: £20.00
Ornamental pine mix, 5L: £30.00
16″ cone hanging baskets: £25
Skimmia Rubella, 5L: £15
Festuca Glauca (Blue grass), 2L: £7.50
Pieris Japonica, 5L: £15.00
Hebe Addenda, 2L: £6.00
Lollipop Bay, 2′, 3L: £20.00

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