Open from May 14th

Social Distancing Measures:

  • Follow the one-way system
  • 1 trolley per customer
  • Keep 2m distance

We have screens and dividers, queuing measures, and will be consistently disinfecting our trolley handles. There is plenty of space.


Compost: sold out.

70L ornamental bark: £8.50

50L Manure: £5.00

In order to concentrate on keeping the nursery as safe and accessible as can be, we are NO LONGER ACCEPTING ORDERS FOR DELIVERY OR COLLECTION

On behalf of Max, Jake, and Lydia: A massive THANK YOU! to all customers throughout March and April. The response to our delivery service, the support and patience from you all was overwhelming. We can only apologise to those we didn’t quite manage to reach, and hope that we’ll see you in the near future.

Our opening hours are now as normal.

Without further ado, here’s a few items from the stock list I didn’t get around to posting last month:


Osteospermum 1L: £2.50


Agapanthus 3L: £20


Fatsia Spiders web 5L: £20


Alpines 1L: 3 for £10


Mandevilla 3L: £20


Erysimum 1.5L: £6


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