Early Spring


The nursery is ready for the year, stocked, and looking great.

Plug plants and primulas will be here until the end of March.

In addition to this we have: Alpines, shrubs, climbers, hedging (some lovely new laurel and red robin bushes), a full stock of acers…


Acer dissectum Iniba Shidare

And there’s plenty more to come. We already have small perennials, and our larger stock (Lupins/heucheras, etc) will form a perfect complement from April onwards.

For sheer variety, this might be my favourite time of year. A few notable specimens to look out for (and hurry, they’ll be popular, I imagine), are as follows:


Nandina ‘Lemon and Lime’


Edgeworthia Chrysantha

And as I have promised a few of you, some smaller ones of these-


Euonymus alatus.

We also have some standard wisteria and lilac which I’m very excited about, and will probably photograph and post when they’re in flower, if they last on the nursery that long that is!

Until then, happy gardening!

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