The nursery is very much ignoring the ‘polar vortex.’ Weather be damned, once it’s March, we are in Spring-mode.

Edit: Having said that, in case of HEAVY snow, we’ll probably be at home hugging the radiators like everyone else. 

Stock has rolled in, including but not limited to-

  • Plug plants for spring planting (available until the end of the month).
  • 1ltr. Perennials
  • Hardy herbs
  • Ferns
  • Grasses
  • A HUGE range of shrubs

Some of my favourite pieces include-


Edgeworthia Chrysantha

Or- Honey bush. The fragrance is out of this world, and the structure of the shrub even in leaf is just lovely.

We’ve tried to get some more unusual, larger shrubs this year, and two of the most interesting are-


Euonymus alatus

The aptly named, ‘Burning bush’, and,


Eremophila Nivea

The ‘Emu bush’ which, if I’m honest I’m dubious about how hardy it claims to be, yet in the right spot, sheltered and warm, it would be reminiscent of a soft, delicate lavender, with much larger bell shaped flowers. One to watch out for.

That’s 3 distinct plants which I doubt you’d easily find elsewhere, and highlights a drive (this month particularly) to stock things which aren’t the usual, run-of-mill dutch imports.

One last plant to mention. I’ve wanted to stock this for years, yet the price has always stood in the way. When they arrived on the market, Paeonia ‘Itoh’ was selling at trade for roughly £90 (minimum!) for a single bare-root. Its credentials had me fascinated from the start. And interspecific cross between a ‘tree’ peony, and a herbaceous peony. Cut back each year, it boasts massive blooms, the structure and height of P. Arborescens, combined with the profusion and durability of P. suffruticosa. Well! They’re still not cheap, but we’ve finally got some.


Paeonia ‘Itoh’ Garden Treasure.

So there you have it. All these and many more are on offer in a nursery which is absolutely brimming with colour. Ignore the weather, come and have a look.

I can’t wait to show these plants off.