February, new stock.

Seasonal opening times:

Watton: Open as normal.

Bengeo: Opening 1st March.


As of right now, things get busy on the nursery. At the growing site we start planting young plants for spring, at Watton we begin to pot bare-root hedging, trees and roses.

The stock levels are fairly low until about mid-February, when some really interesting acers arrive, such as,


Acer Japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’

….Which boasts an astounding autumn variegation. Yet the most interesting part of the small tree, for me are the flowers. Yes! they’re showy enough to warrant a mention in their own right, giving an incredibly varied interest throughout the season.

We’re also stocking far more trees this year. Native species are beginning to rally in a big way, and I expect our oaks, maples, and birch varieties (among others) to be a very popular addition.

We’re growing 7 varieties of dicentra (Goldheart being my favourite still), and the young bare-root plants of D. ‘alba’ are already promising to be a real showstopper.


Roll on Spring…

There is so much more to mention. I would advise waiting until the end of the month, or even early March for the best selection. If, however, you need to pre-order anything in quantity, or else wonder if we have that specific, hard to find, or rare plant, do send me an e-mail or pop by. I’m always happy to help.


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