Christmas and the New Year

Seasonal opening times:

Watton: Open until 20th December. (Unless the trees run out before that…)

New Year: Opening 15th January.

Bengeo: Open until 15th December.

New Year: Opening 1st March.


Christmas trees are up and ready. Cut (non-drop) Nordmann Fir is £45 for a 6′ + tree. Other sizes and prices are available, and I always suggest coming to have a look at the weekend, not least because we usually have a BBQ up and running (you might even be lucky enough to be on time for a hot-dog and some mulled wine!)

The same goes for Bengeo nursery, particularly this Sunday 10th, I’ll be around the BBQ, helping with trees and generally being merry (depending on how much help I receive with the mulled wine, anyway).

The best fresh Christmas Wreathes are also on sale at £20.00 with a tree, and these are truly lovely, made by the family, and a worthwhile festive addition to any house.


These come in a range of colours and designs.

I look forward to seeing you all, and if I do not, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂


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