We’re stocked again (mostly).

Pansies, Violas, and the first of the Autumn colour is starting to show through. Cyclamen have arrived, Chrysanthemum is budding, and plenty more besides.

Our 3 litre-pot size shrubs are all rooted and out for sale. A couple in particular are worth mentioning. We’ve grown 5 different Weigela this year, my favourite of which is …


Weigela Rubidor

We also have plenty of late season perennials. The star of that particular show right now is…


Salvia ‘Amistad’

Both varieties, alongside over a hundred more, all at roughly £6.00. Pretty good value!

Tubs and baskets are planted daily, so if your summer plants are beginning to fade, come along to either nursery any time until the end of October, and there’s going to be an excellent choice to see you through the winter.

I’ll likely not update until November now, so until then, I’ll see you ate the nursery.



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