June: Late Season

We still have seasonal plants, and will have until the end of the month… We still have a particularly good selection of hanging baskets. So we have plants, yes…

But not quite all the varieties. It’s a natural progression of the season. Impatiens (Bizzie Lizzie) ran out particularly early this year, and remains a difficult crop to plan. A few years ago Downy Mildew affected Impatiens Walleriana plants across England. The virus has (through breeding and better plant care) been mostly controlled- and so planning for a curious mix of wariness and renewed fervor for the crop has been complex to say the least…. Suffice to say, next year we’ll be growing more!

As our seasonal stock reduces, I like to replace it with larger flowering perennials such as-


Agapanthus Africanus spp.


Lupin ‘Gallery’

You’ll also see a variety of flowering foxgloves, delphiniums, echinacea, veronica etc. Maybe even a few other interesting pieces, if I can get my hands on them.

Our roses are beginning to flower after a VERY slow start budding. We have plenty of hedging plants such as laurel and yew.

The only stock I would perhaps advise waiting for are the more niche variety shrubs. We grow these from liner in July, and I’ll go into the more interesting stuff to do with that next month.

In the meantime, enjoy your garden, and enjoy the summer!