What to expect in May…

The nursery is at its absolute best.

So much work happens behind the scenes in preparation for this month. Our growing staff at Netherfield nursery are responsible for 90% of everything you’ll see, and credit to them.


Osteospermum ‘tradewinds white’ – one of 16 colours.

Quite likely I’ll reminisce later about some of the excellent lines we’ve grown. A favourite of mine on the nursery right now is Petunia ‘Damson Ripple’. It has a good colour break, and even when the warmer temperature brings its ‘purple side’ out, it develops a delicate blackcurrant scent.8873613099038

Those are just two of hundreds.

As usual I’m looking ahead. I’m working on our Autumn growing schedule right now, with some exciting new biennials and shrub liners in line for production. Look out later for a new range of hydrangeas, scented primulas, and much more.

But enough about that- Spring has hit the nursery with a punch. We are FULL of the very best that our nursery can offer. I’ll be around every day until mid June or so, and if there’s something you particularly want, chances are good we’ve got it.

There’s no month quite like May.

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