Our Christmas trees are here!

We stock primarily the non-drop Nordman Fir (A. Nordmanniana), both cut and potted, as well as a few potted Norway Spruce (P. Abies).


A 6-7′ tree is £35-£45 depending on grade- although we also sell a few smaller specimens, as well as some very large (15′ +) trees at £150.

All trees are either grown by us, or from sustainable import, e.g. Forestry commissions/cycled growth farms. This means that for every tree we sell, there are at least two more planted.

We also sell home-made wreaths. These are 16” fully decorated rings, and I reckon they’re the best wreaths in Hertfordshire, if not beyond.


There’ll be the usual array of Christmas planters etc. So no excuses, pop by and get festive!

As usual I’ll be picking a day to put on the BBQ- It will likely be the first weekend on December at Bengeo, and then another at a later date at Watton. I usually give out sausages if they’re ready, and maybe even a cup of mulled wine.

See you there, and Merry Christmas!

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