Late Autumn sun has extended the Spring/Summer bedding, but it’s also pushed the Autumn bedding forward.

We’re full with colour, pansies and violas, baskets and autumn tubs looking great- but the way the season has started, I don’t expect we’ll have too much stock for long.

Already the Cheiranthus Cheiri (Dwarf Wallflower) has nearly sold, and is now only available at our Watton Nursery site.


No vernalisation required- fragrant flowers until late Spring next year.

We have some excellent Skimmia in stock, it’s a genus which breeders seem intent on expanding, and we have two of my favourites. Skimmia Pabella is a new variety, probably bred from x Veitchii¬†– And according to it’s poorly translated label- holds it’s berries all year. I’m looking forward to seeing the truth in that. Regardless, it’s a wonderful shrub, good for shade, a touch on the expensive side, but I think it’s worth it.


Christmas cheer, anyone?

The other Skimmia is one I keep yammering on about, but honestly it’s so versatile, incredibly robust, and basically excellent in every way. Whoever bred this deserves all the awards. It’ll generally always be on the nursery because, to the consternation of my brother and sister, I cannot help but buy it whenever it’s available on the Aalsmeer/Westland auctions. So here it is for the umpteenth time-¬†Skimmia, Magic Marlot.


Can you tell I’m a fan?

I won’t be updating until closer to December. So until then, happy Autumn.