Autumn Prep

The next round of stock will be ready to buy by the end of the month.

Expect to see the first of the pansies, including the trailing ‘cool-wave’ varieties, which honestly, I’m still not convinced about, despite several customers assuring me that with feed- they are well worth the effort.


Takes some care- but ‘cool-wave’ can provide winter colour, as well as a burst of flower the following spring.

We’ll have a full range of bulbs as usual, as well as the next round of 3 ltr. nursery stock. Anyone with a large garden who didn’t get to try our newly stocked echiums last year (Pininana/fatuosum)– now’s your chance.

echium pini

Echium Fatuosum.

So, I suggest coming by any time from early September. It’s such an under-rated time of year. Watering is easier, colour is still plentiful, (pansies/primulas etc.) and really, you’ll get to see some interesting shrubs and perennials that usually get pushed aside during the Spring season.

One last note- we’re stocking some new cornus. The ‘Wedding-cake’ tree C. Contraversa Variegata is an absolute favourite of mine, slow growing, but if you’re staying put, well worth the investment in time. We’ve still held on to a couple, but more interesting for me is the newer C. Satomi -I’ve yet to see it flower, but for the me the shape and leaf colour are good enough all by themselves. A real treat.

cornus satomi

That’s all for now. I’ll be at Bengeo Nursery for the majority of Autumn, so come on by and see what we have. I’m sure you’ll find something!





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