Autumn/Winter bedding, and oh yes… Christmas!

We grew more pansies and violas this season, and I’ve got to say they’ve been a pleasure to grow and sell.


Here’s a selection of our violas for sale. If you’re yet to plant for Autumn and Winter, there’s still time. We’ve grown a late crop, and they are still looking very good- and will do until probably mid-late November. (Any time after that, and I can’t promise they wont be a little stretched, or a little dusted with mildew), so make haste!

Cyclamen, heather, hellebore- all still looking good. Another of my favourites is still on the nursery too- Skimmia ‘Magic Marlot


It’s one of those rarities- a variegated form that seems to perform better than the type. I have it in my own garden, trialed in slightly acidic, and also simple garden compost. It performs equally well in both, holding flower bud even through some pretty harsh winters. I cannot recommend this small shrub strongly enough- Good for a planter centre-piece, or as a compact addition to any border.

I’ll likely add a festive post later on, but I should mention now anyway- We’ve grown lots of spruce this year. They are true ‘pot grown’ trees, and not the seasonal ‘pot grown’ rubbish you might find elsewhere (Read: torn out of the ground and shoved into any container). We’ve had them on the nursery for over twelve months now. Not only are they cheaper than cut trees (I know! We’re saving the planet!) But they also look great with the splash of lime-green new growth in spring.

Environmental credentials aside, we will stock Abies Nordmanniana – The popular non-drop cut Christmas trees.

We also make our own, hugely popular luxury wreathes. 16″ and absolutely full- they’ll last until February if you let them.

Seasonal cheer over.

See you soon!