Two for the coming season-

It’s a busy time on the Nursery- we’re planting more than ever. There’s loads of new varieties to look forward to this year. Here’s a couple I’m looking forward to most-

Begonia ‘Glowing Embers’ – It’s being marketed as a ‘semi-mounding’ begonia, I suppose to tempt people to stick a few in their baskets- but really, this Begonia is best in the ground or in a tub. I think it works best multiply planted, without accompaniment. All alone it’s fantastic, the leaves are like dark coals behind the fire of the flower- truly a well named specimen. Not new exactly- but worth a mention all the same. May well be my favourite plant of last season.


Osteospermum ‘Serenity Blue-eyed Beauty’– This one I can’t wait for. New from Ball and Colegrave this year, winner of multiple awards. I love Osteo’s anyway (you might know them as rain daisies). And this one will surely be a great addition to a packed field.


There’s loads more, obviously. I’ll post a few as they come onto the nursery from our growing site. Right now here’s a few things to think about if you’re coming in-

*Plugs are in! If you like to grow your own, now’s the time to start. Even if it’s just on your windowsill, why not have a go?

*Perennials are in! Our 1ltr range of perennials are still £1.70. It’s a fantastic price. Year after year these are growing in popularity, and we’ll be stocking in excess of 100 varieties throughout the season.

*We’re hiring! It’ll be seasonal, only up until August, but there’s lots to do. If you’re okay with a bit of hard work, enjoy flexible, seasonal hours, and a bit of sunshine (hopefully) then pop by for a chat.

See you soon!